How To Get Rid Of Error 0x800ccc92 From The SBCGlobal Screen?

SBCglobal Net Email Settings, SBCglobal Email Settings,

Error 0x800ccc92 if encountered on the MS outlook can affect its working. What this error do is; it prevents a user from sending or receiving the email from the SBCGlobal linked to MS outlook. You will find the error message ‘Receiving reported error’ mainly on-screen that rejects the email login.

Why this code crop up?

Following are the reasons for this error code:

  • If the password is not correct or the username is invalid.
  • Incorrect settings configured on MS outlook.
  • The size of the PST file exceeded the limit.
  • If the POP3 or SMTP protocol fails, you will get the error message on the screen.
  • Closing the Outlook program directly without the channels may result in this error code.
  • A malware attack or virus attack can be another reason for this problem.

Coming to the steps to fix error 0x800ccc92

Manual method

  1. If the username or the password entered is incorrect, then to get rid of this problem, simply click on the ‘Forget password’ link to reset it. Instead of entering the wrong password, again and again, enter the email address on which you want to receive the link.
  2. Check POP3 settings or SMTP settings of your email. If there is any alteration done without your knowledge, then you will get the error message on screen. Start the configuration from scratch.
  3. Another reason as discussed in the previous passage is exceeded PST file size. If the file size is more than the normal or ordinary size, then this will block the email. You can’t send or receive the email in such cases. To get rid of this issue, go through below mentioned steps.
  • Archive
  • Split
  • Compact.
  1. Delete items from the ‘Deleted Items’ folder.
  2. There is an inbuilt tool available by the name of ‘Scanpst.exe’. Run this tool to fix the error.

However, in some cases, this method doesn’t work. So, you can try using the third party tool to eradicate this error from SBCGlobal screen.

Kernel for PST Outlook repair

You will find the same tool offered by different companies with different names. Download the Kernel repair tool online from the browser and install it. This tool is widely used due to its ruggedness, accuracy in data results and transparency. You can recover the data files from it through simple steps.

  • Deleted files.
  • Contacts.
  • Calendar items.
  • An email with an attachment.

The detailed instructions of using this tool on MS outlook can be checked online or by contacting the tool experts who have certain years of experience using the same tool.For more information go to:-Att Net Email Login,SBCglobal Net Email Login.

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